Our Collective Journal

January 2016/ March 2016


"I have often felt a motion of love to leave some hints

in writing of my experience of the goodness of God." 

--John Woolman  


Chapter 25

When has the Light urged you to

speak out or stand up for something?


Canary in a Coal Mine (Esther)mixed media by Cody F. Miller.



Where Words Come From

“I love to feel where the words come from.”  (From John Woolman’s Journal.  See full quote following story.)


The clearest time I felt an urge from the Light, an urgency to speak, is one I’ve written about in an earlier chapter,... [more]


Fiona's Dream

Given as First Word on 4/11/16 at West Hills Friends


Hi, everybody.  My name is Fiona, as most of you know.   I think I might be the youngest person in this building to do First Word.   I’m pretty nervous.  This is... [more]


The Most Real Illusion

...light filtered through the moving glass, and it all came back.



..like a three-legged race, in all i did, you were there.

you turned when i turned,

smiled when i smiled,

cried when i cried.

you were all i was given,

and all that i... [more]


Violating the Sanctuary

This particular house is strangely out of place.  It’s nestled between a True Value hardware store and a line of train tracks.  It refused to make way for the encroaching Buffalo Wild Wings, TJ Maxx, and the vast lagoons of... [more]


An Empowered Moment

Anger empowers. Surprising? Let me explain.


I’m usually reserved around strangers, but on a particular summer day at the Oregon Coast, I was anything but that. Anger enraged me to action like never before.


My husband Dave and I were enjoying a... [more]


Speaking Out

I have spent much of my life passionately “speaking truth to power.”  Yet reflecting on the times that I have spoken out or stood up for something, I am aware of so many missteps, mistakes, missed opportunities, and misunderstandings.  What... [more]


Alarm Calls

Some birds' alarm calls serve both to alert other birds to danger and to warn off predators. There are those who can even pull off a ventriloquist's trick, singing from the sides of their mouths.

From Science... [more]


Freedom of Speech, Norman Rockwell, 1943. Oil on canvas 


Chapter 25 Stories 


Where Words Come From


Fiona's Dream


The Most Real Illusion


Violating the Sanctuary


An Empowered Moment


Speaking Out


Alarm Calls



In addition to the original stories listed, we've also collected a few classic quotations on the theme of this Chapter.  To read these quotes,

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In Others' Words