Our Collective Journal

August/September 2012


 "I have often felt a motion of love to leave some hints in writing

of my experience of the goodness of God." 

--John Woolman  


Chapter 8

What's something you have created

in response to the Light within?


Praise, stained glass by Annie Witherspoon. This piece is approximately 36x48 and was created in awed response to the incredibly strong, brave, resilient, loving and faithful women with whom I was communicating at the time...whose infectious joy and zeal for life begged to be honored.  

Minding the Light

I've heard that there's nothing new under the sun, and that's certainly true of Minding the Light. Our Collective Journal is a recent offshoot from a river of Light that Quakers have drawn from and written about for centuries.   Here's what I know of the story.


When I came to West Hills over 20 years ago, my faith in God was based largely on personal experience, and I was thrilled to hear the story of George Fox's journey. ... [more]



Once I went to a birthday party. We were invited at this party to engage in a process called Soul Collage. We found images from magazines to use in collage that represented the journey we were on at this time.  I was happy to be there. This was my kind of party with my Friends- symbolic, process oriented, artistic, and metaphoric. Yes, I was ready and happy be there.


My husband had been recently diagnosed with... [more]


Considering Water

Considering Water:


                              I settled deep into my body

                                             feeling my way into prayer

                                             for the waters of Japan.

                              And the waters there, so injured

                                             by the radiation they have absorbed

                                             while helping humans harness atomic energy

               to  power all manner of uses,

                                                            both good and of dubious value,

                                             echoed my prayer for their healing

                                                            back to me, still in prayer, in my body.


                              The echoes touched the waters of my body,

                                             and spoke what my... [more]


O Holy Spirit

I am alone in a small town in Texas, working for the Company, an introvert, living in a hotel, eating alone in restaurants, defaulting to invisibility rather than seeking out relationship.  The last thing I want to do is call attention to myself.


But still the creative spark burns.  Creativity and ego have been locked in an uneasy dance for over 40 years.  Sometimes there’s just a nanosecond between the spark and the thought, what will... [more]


Modern Ark

Modern Ark (watercolor) by Margaret Kellermann


Meeting God in Technicolor

It's fascinating for me to describe how a quilt comes to being: it begins as a subconscious collection of four or five fabrics, usually, and then I start to become aware of the collection that's been swelling, and begin to do it more consciously. The quilt you see in the picture is a collection of fabrics from many sources: fabrics acquired on trips, fabric cut from clothing that didn't fit after all, clothing bought at... [more]


I Like to Work at Night in My Shop

               I like to work at night in my shop.

               I like the strong directed light

               spreading evenly in the grain

               of the work at hand,

               and in the patient glittering edge


               through night toward radiant



—Derek Lamson, 1982



When I read the query for this chapter, I began thinking about my artistic and creative journeying.  I love to paint, collage, sculpt, perform, write, speak, assemble, weave, design, sew.  I wanted to tell a great story of something I had created and how it had been in response to the Light.  But while trying to narrow in on one specific creation, I realized that all of the creative work I do is in response... [more]


Stories in this Chapter


Minding the Light




Considering Water


O Holy Spirit


Modern Ark


Meeting God in Technicolor


I Like to Work at Night in My Shop